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Tommorow, server save is going to be at 6:30 AM a...
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Cast System is currently on hold due to fatal error whic...
Oct 03 2016   - 
CamPlayer has been fixed - download it HERE.
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5 hours left and over 2500 accounts create...
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Over 1900 accounts has been created yet and still...
IP: | Port: 7171 | Client: Kasteria 8.0

Where do I buy spells? Where do I sell items?

From now it's not possible to leave guild, kick someone from guild or delete guild when guild is at active WAR!
So do not join guild, if you do not know/trust leader of guild!

Task system
GOD Not Sure ( is still working hard on test server to make sure that everything in task system works perfect. It will be there on friday or saturday. More information tommorow. First screenshots from tests
Screenshot 1:
task teaser 1
Screenshot 2:
task teaser 2
(rewards and missions are just test values)

Posted by team.

Today, after the server save has been fixed following things:

- Red skull time won't be extended after one kill anymore.
- Map bugs [pz bugs, wrong places of quests (bright sword)]
- Npc bugs.

Thank you for playing.

In around 2 days we are going to release our own task system, which is not gonna be same as you saw on every otservers. We will share with you more informations about it tommorow.

Posted by team.

We have changed ban system & redskull time:
- first ban for pking will last 48 hours (all bans that has been taken before our change has been reduced to 48 hours also)
- second ban is 96 hours etc

Redskull time has been decreased from 14 to 7 days.

Posted by team.

Today's servers save is going to be a little bit longer than usually due to some updates. It's going to be online approx 8:20 CET.

#Edit 8.15 CET
Server is now online. The Royal Spears attack range has been reduced to 3 squares (Real Tibia like).

Posted by team.

Fixes [will work after server restart - 7 AM]:
- monsters attack when they run away - should attack slow/normal now
- Explorer's Society quest - we fixed some parts, but we will rewrite it in next 2 days

Posted by team.

- you will not lose stamina for killing Slime summons anymore
- few NPC fixed - please make sure you say right word to NPC, we had many false reports like someone said 'light magic missle' - NPC understood it as 'light', because player said 'missle', not 'missile'!

Posted by team.

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