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There is something technical issue with updater. ...
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Tommorow, server save is going to be at 6:30 AM a...
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Cast System is currently on hold due to fatal error whic...
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CamPlayer has been fixed - download it HERE.
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5 hours left and over 2500 accounts create...
IP: | Port: 7171 | Client: Kasteria 8.0 (11.11.2016)

Where do I buy spells? Where do I sell items?

Z racji tego, że do dziś na Kasterii są aktywni gracze, postanowiłem i jak być aktywny i to z nowej rangi którą otrzymałem, mianowicie rangę GOD'a.

Dzięki temu będę mógł dla tych graczy robić jakieś konkursy, zabawy, wyzwania itp.

Postaram się być dla Was często online.

Pozdrawiam GOD Dymek

Because of still active players I decided to stay active with promotion to new rank - GOD.

That gives me an oppurtiny to make some kind of competitions, plays, challenges etc.

I will try to be online as much as I'll be able to.

Best regards, GOD Dymek

Posted by team.

Dear Players,
Server won't be closed or restarted as long as there will be active players.
That's why you can feel safe to play.

Posted by team.

Dear Players,
We have changed the quest a little bit, it should be more difficult now to obtain it.

Posted by team.

Dear Players,
We have updated the server rules, please read them:
Server Rules

Posted by team.

Dear Players,
due to a lot of players which focus only on killing other players (they are not interested in doing anything else on the server) we decided to change the length of banishment for frags back to 7 days.

Posted by team.

"Instead of ostrich feathers, the husaria men wore wooden arcs attached to their armour at the back and raising over their heads. These arcs, together with bristling feathers sticking out of them, were dyed in various colours in imitation of laurel branches or palm leaves, and were a strangely beautiful sight to behold..."

We would like to invite you to participate in 11 November raids! If you kill 100 monsters from invasion you'll receive special outfit 'hussar' from NPC called Polish Hussar which is located in every temple.

On each raid there is going to be spawned 2 bosses - if you deal most damage or last hit you'll receive addons to hussar outfit from same NPC!

To receive an outfit after killing 100 monsters: hi > outfit > yes.
To receive first addon (Pasha boss) - hi > Kara Mustafa Pasha > yes.
To receive second addon (Buda boss) - hi > Ibrahim of Buda > yes.

Posted by team.

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